On one table- Incommunicado!

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Together, on one table,
But not so together.
Stooped forward,
Plugged into a surreal world,
Distant from reality.
Another like
Another comment
#140 characters, some zest of emoticons and SENT!
+1 Friend request accepted.
Whoa! A thousand ‘virtual’ pals to ostentate,
Do you know any of them? Sorry! Hard to elucidate.
Look, we are on one table together
Though not so together.
I am lost…
Deep and deeper than ever,
Somewhere in the recesses of my black 5 inch HD screen
With our smartphones getting smart, smarter and smarter-er
I see our memories of being together getting faint, fainter and fainter-er
Somehow, I fail to remember
The last time we held hands
Or the time when you clasped me tight in your arms
I fail to remember the last time we sat together and actually LOL-ed
Or the time when I said something and you gave your approving nod.
But, I remember the day you first texted me a “Hi!”
And the day you posted a picture of you eating an apple pie
I remember the day I posted a comment
And you were the first one to reply back with a long statement
I also remember the day you sent me a heart emoji
And I was upset it was yellow and not red
I remember the day we became friends on FB
And my heart wasn’t for a moment steady!
I’ve been typing this long long message for all that long
And I find it all entirely wrong
Because we’ve been sitting on the same table for an hour or more
Without a word to say it all.

Come back to me, my little bee

a poem by

My child’s giggle along with elusive language
And subtle gestures were hard enough to judge
Nevertheless, without uttering a single word
He transported me into a joyful fantasy world

Where I’d forgotten all my sorrows that are deep
My child was a treasure; I’ve memories to keep
As he grew up, he flew away to get his life’s best
Just like, grown up birds never rest in their nest

Time is so brutal that it made my child forget me
Left alone, I crave for the voice of my sweet little bee
Life might have fetched him many special persons
But, It is I who love him perpetually with no reasons…

Beyond The Shadows

a poem by

Days come and go all the same,
Their futility rivaled only by the emptiness
Of the nights that soon entail
Bringing along shadows,
Both companions and witness
To the ordeal we face
Beyond the shadows, into the dark
Is wherein fears reign
Monarch to minds- yours and mine
And wasn’t fear always an aphrodisiac to pain?
Beyond the shadows, into the dark
Lies the Garden of Death, resplendent
Where you’ve never been.
One wonders now, if the shadows are keepers
Of myriad mysteries, the kind we’ve never seen.

A Sudden Meeting

a poem by

A Sudden Meeting (Translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem)

I met her in train all of a sudden
Never I thought it would ever happen.

Previously, again and again I saw her
Clad in sari red in colour
As red as pomegranate flower.

Today black silk is her dress
The aanchal on her head stays
Encircling champalike fair slim face.

She had created a long distance, I felt,
Around her person’s private belt,

That up to the farthest corner of mustard field extends
And to the deep blue of the shawl forest distends.

My heart came to a standstill manner
The known one I saw in gravity of stranger.

Suddenly she kept the newspaper
And I was genuflected by her.

There opened up the process of social interaction
And we started the conversation—
How’re you, how’s your family going on and so on.

Her glance was through the window outward set
As if glance overcame infliction of days intimate.

She, to a few, in short, replied
To some she completely denied.

Her hand’s restlessness made me realize
Why these words, to keep silent is rather wise.

I was on another bench with her group members
Once she told me to come closer, by sign of fingers.

I thought, not a less courageous wench
Then I sat beside her on the same bench.

Camouflaged in the train’s noise
She said in a low, timid voice,

Don’t you please mind
To waste the time where can one find?

I’ll have to detrain at next station, as I bechance
And towards a distant place you will advance
To meet each other we’ll never get chance.

So the reply to the question so long did itself conceal
I want from your lips; will you honestly reveal?
I replied, “Yes I will.”

Fixing her eyes at the sky outside, she demanded answer,
“Have the bygone days of ours really gone forever,
Isn’t there left a little share?

I kept silent for a while and then said to her
“All nocturnal stars stay under diurnal luster.”

I felt a hesitation, did I artificially utter?
She said, “Stop, now go you there.”

All got down at next station
I alone was in motion.

Prostrate Men

a poem by

The smoke had left the ground,
There was no move, no sound.
The mastiff rose with a high chest,
To find its dead master in earnest.
The aura brought the smell of destruction,
The mastiff moved forward with adoration.
It had, at last, its master found,
Lying lifeless on the damaged ground.
There were thousands of men paying penalty to dead,
All died for their country to get their history made.
There were lakhs of battle men terminated,
Fought for their national feelings to get ventilated.
Every soul became sad as besmirch had got their nation,
But now, every dying heart knew, war was not the solution.
No victors, no vanquished,
To speak of pride, so childish.
The robust dog thought, God, why this war?
You have taken their lives fixed in a deadly jar.
Men were fighting for their own mother nature,
To lose their only lives like forest creatures.
Again the mastiff rose with a tear in its eye,
And asked the question as to its depression – why?
It had its evening for its master in moan,
And started its maiden journey sad alone.


a poem by

Journey through metamorphosis has left me spell bound,
Evolution materialistically has been a constant hound!

Unending race with and against time,
Gravity had shifted from what was prime!

Cages around me changed shapes and sizes,
Garments wrapped in accordance to prizes!

Layer after layer buried all illumination into ‘dusk’
Reality lost to virtual, perfumes covered by musk!

Hurt, pitied, Healed and nursed,
Everything so shallow but thought well-versed!

Intoxicated and high with love, once tumbled deep into self,
Deeper the excavation, faster the realization that remained (so far) on shelf!

Breaking free from self imposed shackles of emotions,
Soul settles at ‘dusk’, the cages, the garments, the layers… vanish, banish all notions!

The ‘dusk’ stands illuminated from all myths and erosion,
Immunity towards all ‘hurts’ without confusion!

Assaults have been on the garment ed cage,
Blood runs from the buried layers of rage!

‘Dusk’ is pure as it used to be,
Pity the souls unable to lead,
The book is open for all to read,
Literature is sublime, illiteracy the only crime which has nothing but guilt to plead!


a poem by

A silent storm
Behind the deceiving skies
Shimmer in the air
Life’s a lie
Secrets of death
Inevitable to be
The glamour shits them all
Our eyes can’t see
Blind machines
These frames so devised
This world of glass
Every reflection comes to life
A maze in my brain
With shades of grey
Running hay weird
Can’t find my way
It all comes into being
From where we originate
A journey of voids
Human’s faith
Leave it all here
It’s moving you need to be
Millions of software
A wicked reality

Erotomania Unknown!

a poem by

My heart melts
At your sight
Your bright eyes
Is a sight to behold

Your beauty is disarming
Words can’t describe
Your silhouette in moonlight
As your silky locks dance to the arial aria!!

Loving you is a sin
I know we can’t be together
Can’t think of anything but you
Your sight’s my prayer

I don’t know what the future
Holds for you and for me
You belong to someone else
But I stay obsessed for thee

When your hands touched mine
Though You don’t remember it
Is a constant reminder of my madness
Though I wanna forget it

Loving you is not a choice
It is now a flow of emotions
Loving you is a sin
A poison, a desperate dream.

My Erotomania unknown to you
Is what it’ll all finally be
A dream of lost love, a penance forced
My soul longs for you… eternally

Emptiness – Random Thought

a poem by

Within the four walls I live.
My sorrows, my joys, my cheer here all I share I grief.
Sometimes pain I need to belief-
Sometimes fact I need to forsake or leave.
Within the four walls I live.

Colours I may like many but-
I always find me lonely,
Distracted I am to the darker shade.
Likes are disappearing and happiness seems to fade.
Give me some space I need to breathe!
Give me some space I need to breathe!

Companion I yearn…
In short span of life I have learned
Forbidden is love–
To forsake is tough!
Life, not a bed of roses,
Options are few, rare are the choices.
Agony within, frustrated thousand voices!
I am growing sick I want peace-
Within the four walls I live.

Kingdom and Traitors

a poem by

A kingdom of treasure,
Threatened by traitors
The traitors, who have no faith
The traitors who love to hate
The traitors who sell the spool
Of humanity, to the fool

The ones you believed in will keep you safe
The ones who’ll be your ears, if you go deaf
They’ll be the ones who’ll make you see
The world of peace, for thee
And when your garden won’t flourish,
They’ll be your gardener… You wish

Hoping that the land will receive springs,
The buds will bloom, sparrows get wings
Welkin will cry, felicitous
Crafting the blossoms from the fetus
Imagining you’ll be, desiring to harvest
The progenies, at their best

But what if your blessings go rust
Your blossoms palm off with dust
The ones you believed in
Turn nothing more than a din

For you, that feeling was obsess
And every effort for them was so less
Thou worked for them like a servant
But de facto, they were the serpent
With serpentine heart and brain
They threw your emotions down the drain

Thy mind’s eye was covered with a cloth,
Of service and respect, both
And you could never remove the bars
That caused you to fall in the mirage

But it wasn’t your mistake,
They were the ones, who were fake
They broke your in-frangible trust
For their bush-league lust
Their nasty deeds reached heights
Indulged trust and lust into fights

Helpless, hopeless, heal-less, thou were
But flames in eyes com-mixed with tear
Oh my lord, we are cheated
But the sound remained seated
Under the boots of the traitors,
Crushed to silence, oftentimes

Blessings got hexed, by the witch of falsity,
Trusts back stabbed, by the slayer of verity
But one fine day, the anger found a path,
The dark roads lightened by the wrath
United by the divine, led by the angel
The arms of humans, raised against the devil

Devil, hands-down, laughed against the roar
Angel, with the host, strengthened it more
Left devil self-doubting, devitalized
And the traitors went surprised
The ones whom they thought weak,
Foolish, disunited and meek

Broke the gates, burnt the farms with hustle
Slew the army, demolished the castle
Traitors got frightened, how to escape
Searched the path backdoor for their sake
Flames all around, armors flying
Vultures feeding, women crying

Angel with the chakra, appeared before each traitor
Slicing each head, spawning clatter
Host joyed, tears separating from eye
Contentment floating in the sky…

The bell

a poem by

The bell rang not once,
But several times
And it was the moment
She was waiting for.
She drew herself up
to her future.
She stood a while
for she wanted to feel
That once in a while magnetic
Life force vibrating in her soul
And then released the words from the imprisonment
Of her mouth
And whispered slowly
“Yes, I am”

New Found Love

a poem by

I feel so brand new
All thanks to you,
Your love keeps me going strong
Making me feel like I belong.
You are the ray of light
In all darkness of sight,
I was lost and alone without a clue
I felt like the ocean, so cold and blue.
I think of you day and night
When I see you I feel so bright,
Never had this feeling I’m mind
How your love for me could be so kind.
Although my love is still new
I think I am in love with you.
I love you from my heart
Meaning it’s forever, and never for part.

29 Nov 2016 The day Nagrota Bled

a poem by

Nagrota station is as beautiful as one can imagine,
the varied birds seen here are the source of attraction.
But alas, this divine scenery has turned into a dreadful ornery.
A place where the cuckoo bird sang a melodious song,
but now the crow caws a grief stricken song.
Flowers wilted after seeing the rain of pain,
birds gave up singing songs in disdain.
The encounter that changed many lives,
the whole day all we could was wait and sigh.
29th November was the worst day for the entire Nagrota station,
when the family members of the soldiers panicked with tension.
Our soldiers were so selfless, so brave,
for hundreds of families they saved.
But not all endings are a happy one,
Many lost their Father and Sons,
whom they hadn’t seen for months.
The pain could only be conveyed through tears,
what turn now life would take, they feared.
Soldiers defend their country and protect their motherland
because they don’t want other country ruling their land.
You take out faults in them,
But you don’t realize you won’t be here without them.
For how long will the soldiers keep their lives on stake for our sake,
Stop this bloodshed before it’s too late.

Things you could do if you were Fire

a poem by

You could heat the metal case placed above you
by coarse hands with hopes to prepare food
little morsels that they call a meal using your arms,
to fulfill childish hunger on a chilly night.
You could be wrathfully burning the innocent pages of a diary
that potentially held a universe of emotions,
powering the flames of anger and helplessness,
similar to those in the heart.

You could be the quivering flames of a diya
lit with immense devotion and downright credence in an invisible entity,
accompanied by murmurs, asking begging for blessings.
You could be the spectator of fervent,
blooming love at a campfire
while hands swivel around leaning bodies in search of warmth,
singing classics in unsteady voices.

You could be the blazing end of a cigarette
held to lips full of unknown despair,
clenched between someone’s fingers in poise,
while you slowly fall as redundant ash
and so does their smoky breath.