Recent Poems


a poem by Yatin Rajput

I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
Whenever I felt fear, you made my path clear, God!
I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
Whenever I was depressed you made me feel the best, God!
I thank god for this attitude of love and gratitude,
You are the savior of nature, plants and every other creature, God!
I thank god for this attitude with the language of love and gratitude, God!

Winter’s Morning New Delhi

a poem by Shailesh .

This is the name of New Delhi which care
Come live, earn and keep something to share
All destinations look like new ladle
Everyone had to solve foggy morning puzzle

City of my dream or reality I am taking
Is it poetry in making?
Or I am in rhythm of the city, I miss in talking.
Sitting on pavement with pigeons all around crippling

Yesterday once more, feel fresh like wheel of clay.
Rains has washed dark stone road, plush green side way.
No traffic, clear weather, bit clouds in the sky.
Old tree with freshly minted leaves and clay
All made dawn smell as new perfume to spray.

Slowly Sun capturing horizon all around the sky
Questions of earning, ruling, fooling and reaching the city
Hurdles, wins and politics all coming in every man’s way

Hope with despair begins day of this capital
Everything is clear but not visible
This is the name of New Delhi which care
Come live, earn and keep something to share

Death, Death and Death

a poem by Abhimanyu Kumar S

I see the death everyday
Death in relations
Death in religion and faith
Death of man in man
Everyday, everywhere, every moment
Death, death and death.

I experience the death around me
Millions and billions of ceremonies
The smoke on maps of mankind
Death in temple and streets
Death in clubs and parties
Death, death and death.

I foresee the death of humanity
Harassment, discrimination and hatred
Death in purity and sacredness
Death in broken mirrors and home
Death in king, death in masses
Death, death and death.

Last Visit

a poem by Kaumudi .

The last glimpse of these dense woods
The last sip of the river’s crystal clear water
The last song to listen from the cuckoo
The last fruit to taste from the fully grown trees
The last fragrance from the beautiful flowers
The last hummings heard from the bees
The last view of the pale blue skies
The last meet to my fellow villagers
The last step on this ground

After this Last Visit,
I’m off to the city in search of job
It’s been years but whenever I remember my village,
I just can’t stop to sob.


a poem by Fouqia .

I want to be careless
Worry less
Smudged in multiple blurred characters
Shaping myself in the ashes of life
I want to emancipate all the self created rules
And the historically abided laws
Live the missed dreams
Unknot the knots of life
Struggle out from the shackles of ‘must’
From the ties of irony, agony and fate
Manifest my inner peace

Breach the loaded do’s and don’ts
Yes, I want to be called a revolutionary
A fearless wind
An insane being
A societal bane
For once I would be out of their ‘Acceptance’
Self creating what is to be accepted
Not by them but by my own existence
For once I would live denied yet welcomed
If not today, in the coming years
Breaking open yet bridging gaps
Between human good and ‘Good’
To be a soulful, peaceful
Confident, sacred, free woman

Masked Writer

a poem by Maheshwari Vyas

Just because you are slow
You worked differently
You had different ideas
You had different working ways
Your intellect was different
And if in the crowd of people you are alien
Doesn’t mean you are out of the way.

The Shortest Month

a poem by Maheshwari Vyas

February smells like its gonna rain
February feels like its still winter on the go
February tastes like the summer sweat
There’s this February that’s transits btw our feelings.

Sorry dear

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Hi I am starting with a line
Look my dear
I liked your presence and you
But that can’t mean that’s a lust

Look my dear
You didn’t seduce me
I gathered that threads of attractions
You gave me
But that can’t hit our esteem

Look my dear
I just thought to deepen the spirit
Of our relation
But that small weird rituals
Can’t lead to ignorance

Look my dear
I am all yours
And every hello, hi is for you
But that can’t mean a burden

Look my dear
As we do looking our words
Saying ourself okay
But that can’t mean being yourself
It only says to clear all not near newness.


a poem by Akhil Kumar Mishra

I see a reflection, clear and silver white like Moon, moving but slow.

The reflection contains uncertain imaginations,
the crazy footsteps of callousness of yesteryear’s,
I hear the faint sounds of falling leaves and the unending silence of my surroundings.

Where are the phrases of love that came involuntarily once upon a time!
Repeating in my ears about the eternity of emotions and gratitudes of compassion?
Instead there is still a silence uncanny questioning why I melted so often.

Love is a shadow, stops when eyes define the boundaries,
a wall of hopes and aspirations, constricted in the vagaries of living.

I hold the doused flames of love in my betrayed hands and
smile at the transparent pains that cling to me to take forward.

Scary night

a poem by Chandramouli Eswar

Reddish eyes, moist palms, weary mind, gloomy night, not a single sight of life, everything is a sign of fearsome night
Howling Wolves’ scary sounds filling night full of fright, breakdown in a forest route, makes it muchmore fearsome plight

Blood-red moon shining bright, spilling light over trees through the darkest clouds of sky making shadows of fear everywhere on rocks
Deserted forest path in the midnight is calm and silent every side, every passing second is getting scary with the sounds of ticking clock

Raising heartbeat, profusely sweating body and those memories of childhood scary stories of grandma makes the night much more hard
Trying hard to fill courage to step out of the car to check the breakdown, finding not a nerve of dare to step from the car outward

Someone moving in the far-off sight, so white and bright appearing and disappearing into the darkness making it such a tensed night
Closing eyes and feel of pain over chest, as if someone is sitting over it, with the thought of ghost in eyes breath is going so difficult

Pain has reached pinnacles taking life out of the heart, slowly turned into death, such a painful wrath of darker forest night
Unaware of the reflections of the moon falling over the reflecting stones in the far-off sight, lost a life out of fear for the ghost

God’s play

a poem by Chandramouli Eswar

Tiger Tiger, standing bright in the darkest bushes with a fierce sight
Preying deer giving birth, for the moment to strike it’s blow of death

Lovely Deer, cuddling it’s fawn not aware of the Tiger’s plan
Feeding baby with the milk, waiting for the lovely dawn

Tiger, leapt through bushes roaring high, leaving no chance for the deer to fly away
Caught the deer with its mighty jaws sucking every life out of it in a beastly way

Deer is dying with a pain in body and heart, weeping for its lovely fawn
Rolling tears over the cheeks, trying to kiss its baby one last time, left its life by the dawn

Not aware of mother’s death, baby started to cry for a last time
Before the Tiger gave it’s deathly strike

God created the lovely deer with a hand and created Tiger to kill it with another hand
He created the beautiful nature with prey and predators everywhere

Rainfall tonight

a poem by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

Let me return to past, let me recall tonight
With me cries, each corner and wall tonight

What let flowers to slit throat in my garden
Who has invoked the curse to fall tonight

My screams have awoken people from sleep
Separation to be mourned in rainfall tonight?

He might be Abbas-e-Ali collecting tears
Mourners have sighted him tall tonight

Mirza, your phone is ringing since evening
Who told you to deny her call tonight?

I will always love you

a poem by Arnab Kumar Roy

I have counted countless drops of moments of my life in search of you,
My spirit has danced with your shadow under the lovely sky,
At the break of dawn, your morning kiss has opened my eyes.
Your silvery laughter has filled my life with joy,
You have coloured my colourless drops of tears with happiness.

Every passing day you are my prayer to God,
You are the brightest star twinkling in the darkest room of my heart,
You are my past, present and future.
In the pages of my heart, I have drawn your face by colours of love,
The silence between us has expressed the inexpressible love.

Your beauty has played with the eyelashes of my eyes,
You are the reason of my life.
I will love you forever, my beloved.
In your arms let me breathe my last breath and die.

Endless Love

a poem by Arnab Kumar Roy

My love has found expression in countless forms, countless flames of candle…
My dreams have grown as a flower in shade of your hand,
Through the veins of my hopes your blood runs.
In the darkest room of my heart,
You have emerged as a pole-star piercing the dark.

My spirit has danced to the tunes of your smile,
Crystals of love have rained from the sky of your heart quenching my unending thirst.
My love has grown and re-grown shaping your universe,
You are the butterfly, which spreads its wings colouring my life.

In the colours of rainbow, I have drawn and redrawn your face in pages of my heart,
In the garden of your heart, I have grown as a rose spreading the fragrance of love.
You have breathed life into my heart,
Ageless time can never make us apart,
My love for you is forever, my beloved!