Recent Poems

Let your passion burn

a poem by Shashank Maurya

In these moments when everything stops
You never have that much what you have lost

Everything goes cold, reminds you that you turned yourself into numb

You can’t make undone what you have done
You have yourself as your demon

Night begins with depression, Morning wake with desolation
Finding yourselfself into, trapped in your own

How can you overcome this mental distortion

How can kill your demon You have everything inside of your own
Just let your passion burn
Set yourself ablaze

You will feel too numb to hold on your own
What your failure ? Thats all your motivations

Just let your passion burn, set yourself ablaze

Just let your passion burn.
Set yourself ablaze

It will find you a peace of mind

Just set yourself ablaze


a poem by Mahalakshmi Ganesh

Hey, Flower of the Sun
You spread the hue of the golden light
And bring curious joy to all in sight
Do you realize hey Sunflower that
You bring a radiant smile on every onlooker’s face
In this world and life of fast pace
You are reassuring and full of grace
Everyday as I wake up in the morn
My eyes rest on you and I feel newly born
To take on the days’ chores and worldly worries
Unaware of the joy surpass you radiate
Embellishes this queer world to facilitate
Life to be easy and carefree
Even if like your petal Man strives to be
The world would be a better place to be…

World suffocating slowly

a poem by Shashank Maurya

Just breathing, Buried before death.
“I” fed of death
“I” the hell!
Here “WE” don’t exist!

Just want war
To shot in one all
No regret for what done

Feeding lies, The world will suffocate
Here “WE” don’t exist!

Redefine your understanding
We demon of our raising hell!
There is no way out

Just breathing, Buried before death.
Don’t want to change!
Letting consume the darkness

“I” fed of death
“I” the hell!
Here “WE” don’t exist.

Heaven will denied us, To Take in!
Our souls can’t escape
The curse, Maked us to live
In the hell made of us own.

Lies flow in our veins, This world will suffocate!
As we will not change.
Here “WE” Don’t exist!

Just breathing, Buried before death!
Here “WE” don’t exist!

Stay a little longer with me

a poem by Pinks

There was this smart boy, who loved cars.
There was this pretty girl, who loved bikes.
They never knew life would bring them together on road rides.
The boy was arrogant, so was the girl polite.
They never knew their destiny would collide.
The boy and the girl met daily on the way,
Looking at each other, they passed their day.

One day they got a chance to talk,
They kept talking throughout the little walk.

They got to know each other well,
All the secrets they used to tell.

In few days, they became friends,
This is where the story begins,
They smiled, laughed and joked,
Together they always rocked.

Here comes a wonderful twist in the story,
The boy now likes another girl’s glory.

He goes crazy behind the beauty,
Not realizing that he was being naughty.

The girl never tried to express her feelings,
She decided to let go of things.

She decided to move on in her life,
Finally, she was going to be a wife.

Don’t know what made the boy stop her,
Maybe he was finally in love with her.

But they didn’t let their feelings out,
Internally their hearts did shout.

At last, their ego collapsed, they had to depart.
It was the time they had to apart.

They kept saying to each other, stay a little longer,
With distance, their love became stronger.

They are still not together,
But they have their memories forever.

Summer reminds me of you

a poem by Jovan Abigail Saldanha

Summer reminds me of you-
Of tree houses and swings,
Of ice candy and raw tamarind;
Of collecting sea shells and hoarding marbles,
Of bruised knees and tiny squabbles;
Of afternoon naps and make believe games,
Of bedsheet tents and keeping names;
Summer reminds me of you-
Childhood left behind


a poem by Madhu Jain

Life, when will you change?
When will the tears in my eyes,
Creating high and low tides,
Of emotions in my heart cease?
I feel helpless, enslaved,
To my own thoughts.
Thoughs of my son, his future,
Torture me, as I keep trying,
To make a new beginning.
I ask god why you chose me,
Why I am facing this?
A son who is throwing tantrums,
As school seems an enemy to him.
He seems different from other kids,
Not interested in many thing.
I feel drowned in my own emotions,
Why me? Why me?
All the sorrow in the world,
God guide me..
And now I rest my fingers,
As I have laid out my heart to thee.

Wheel of Life

a poem by Poorvasha .

And how often do we feel like reversing the wheel of life?
How often do we wish to obliterate past misdeeds or an unwarranted strife!

An urge to tweak the carousel of time,
An urge to pull back the momentary chime.

This urge is built of remorse and questionable actions,
Of failure, sorrow and misinterpreted reactions.

We condemn ourselves for picking the wrong path,
But is the self-rebuttal justified considering that it has no aftermath?

Dwell into how you can shape what the future beholds,
Look forward to how the residual chapters unfold.

Take actions that rectify those mortal mistakes,
Abandon guilt and regain all you had kept on stake.

Don’t reverse the wheel into the unfathomable past,
But drive on the road ahead to uncover where it lasts.

I did

a poem by Abhishek Kumar

You requested to meet
I accepted your wish

You wanted to talk
I was present to listen to your thoughts

You fancy to walk in rain
I followed your every step

You longed for a friend
I tried but couldn’t be one

You choose to move away from me
This was something I didn’t knew

You hoped to never see me again
And I vanished like an invisible man

Yes I was rude

a poem by Jijo M Johns Dr

I was rude and I know it.
I know there are no valid excuses or justifications,
Most of the times, I fight with you on nonsensical things.
Yet I don’t know why and how you forgive me always.

I feel so bad, for being so rude,
I am so sorry, I did not want to hurt you.
I messed up your mood.
I’m really sorry, that’s genuinely from my heart.

I promised to treat you like my queen,
But I failed every time..
That does not mean I don’t love you
I am trying… And I’m trying my best.

What I am trying to really say is that,
My love for you keeps growing every single day.
We should never, ever ever fight,
I need you,
Not for a week or month…
But… For a lifetime.

Yes I miss you

a poem by Jijo M Johns Dr

I just don’t know
What to say or what to do
Things are not going good
Something is happening, is happening to me

I ask myself as to why am I thinking about you so much
Then my heart whispers… You miss her, you fool.
My heart was right.

Missing you is the worst feeling.
I miss everything about you
I miss your smile
I miss looking at your face

I think about all the moments that we shared.
The way we once touched.
When I close my eyes I see your face
I have sleepless nights as you’re not here with me.

You showered your love on me for a very short duration.
But you changed me.
You made me perfect.

I’m not asking for a lot
But all I’ll ever need is all that you are.

Without you, things are not at all the same.

That is why all this is happening.
I no longer can control myself.


How much I love you

a poem by Pushpendra Chouhan

I don’t know what I will say, but this is true that I LOVE YOU.
And Now I know, I’m Just Special One for you.

And I don’t know how and why, I really madly love you.
Really Its hard to tolerate for me, My love for you.
Even in my dreamz, I never do this.
My feelings are still same for you, as before.

I don’t know, I have rights or not,
But I love you and I will love you, I never live now apart.

I don’t know you noticed or not, the harshness of my voice,
When I heard about my immigration, My Lifes worst Surprise.
The first thought in mind came, That I’m going away to you,
And now I think, How can I live without you.
I got all this feelings, first time in my life,
And I never want it again, for anyone such like.
I just wanna tell you at the last.
That you are my everything, I don’t wanna be apart.
I just wanna love you and love you, And I don’t wanna anything.
I wanna always LOVE You, Please just give me this only thing.
You are my angel and this is my request to you.
Co’z now I know that neither I love anyone else nor I live without you.


a poem by Keegan D'Souza

They are plotting how to objectify
Under a sky of broken trust
Rumours begin to multiply
Forming puddles of disgust

Corridors house the veil of deception
Authority looked the other way
Tangled in webs of sticky humiliation
Hoping for the end of day

The brochure portrayed a safe haven
Far from this adolescent war
One lost soul ain’t worth saving
But a reputation is worth fighting for

Barricade the doors of freedom
Let the halls ring with screams
Pray to God for you might need him
Relinquish all your hopes and dreams

The barrel of the devil’s tool
Weighs my soul with a burden
The day I dreamt I shot up my school
Where my conscience lies uncertain

A Tribute to the Martyrs of Tuticorin

a poem by Ramachandra Reddy

What happened in Tuticorin is no less than a democide,
the state snuffing out lives whom it is supposed to protect.
The reckless and depraved disregard for the lives,
brought out the ugly and monstrous side of the state.

The state is taking the lives of its own people,
to give ‘ease of doing business’ to its tycoon cronies.
To enable them to grab lands, flout environmental norms,
violate labour laws and to usurp the natural resources.

People gave up their lives and achieved martyrdom,
to protect the ‘ease of living’ of their fellow humans.
To let them have a breath of fresh air and a gulp of pure water,
and to enable them save their natural resources and environment.

Democracy is no longer ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’,
it got hijacked to become ‘of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%’.
The neo-liberal spaces ever expand and public spaces ever shrink,
till the society is transformed into an oligarchy, into a tycoon fiefdom.

Tycoons campaign finance the politicos to get ease of doing business,
people queue up and exercise their franchise to get bullets in return.
This is the time to reclaim our democracy and regain our lost power,
the only way out is democratic deliberation and political confrontation.

Let’s set aside, cricket, soaps, celeb gossip, reality TV and selfies for a while,
and spare a thought for those who breathed their last fighting for our rights.
Let’s make sure that the lives of those who fought for clean air won’t go in vain,
by showing that we are the masters and oligarchy is only their pipe dream.