In the end, the Sea

a poem by

Where goes the sun at
long day’s end? To douse his red
flames within the Sea.

Where goes the monsoon
and her clouds after their dance?
To drink from the Sea.

Where goes the river
after meandering course?
To sleep in the Sea.

Where goes the Hilsa
tired from swimming up the flow?
To die in the Sea.

Where goes the sailor
who returned with his bounty?
To live in the Sea.

There may come a time
when I too shall return home,
to be with the Sea.

Tears of God

a poem by

The night shattered,
And shouts were loud.
Smokes of burning tyres,
Enveloped the cloud.
Loud, were the barks but not of dogs,
The city was trembling with bark of mobs.
People ran on the streets with religious cry,
In revenge of the tears in the eyes that dry.

Temples were quiet and mosques were calm,
The beauty of idols lost it’s charm.
Peace cried and unity sobbed,
At the sight of the riot oneness that robbed.
Can religion part us all?
Puts forward this question,
Every jot of blood that falls.

The Onset

a poem by

Do not stop the mind,
It wants to fly.
Let it reach,
Beyond the sky.
Where love lives its life,
And moon gives its light.
Where exists no spite,
And stars twinkle at night.
Let us all unite,
To fetch peace and delight.
Let us forget,
All the combat and fight.
Let us plow ahead,
And spread the mirth,
Let us set out,
And save the earth.


a poem by

Sound and light are so loud
Walk and talk are so harsh
Sun and moon are so far
Food and water are so abundant

Earth and air are so vast
Creation and destruction are so many
Heart and blood are so close
Hand and foot are so near

Let the tears and souls wash away
The happiness and sadness
Let it bring joy and hope

Warmth of Chasm

a poem by

The sound sleep days of life
Over the round pan cake couch,
The area so smooth and peaceful
With very little disturbance
Through the skinny wall of placental womb;

Money, enemy or more
Is of no importance to the mulberry that grow,
The knocking of each palm, some while
Is the only call to be heard
During those crawling days of life.

The radar is the only cord
Signals captured are quite strong,
Promising not to disturb any more,
Except during moments of boredom
The kick is only a sign to glow;

Those were really days of fun
No tension or any load,
The warmth of care and love,
Hope all man crams those
To do their best, for the rest of life that flows.

Chaotic Heart !

a poem by

Do you know how many feelings I carry in my heart,
How do I end my day and how do I start.
Missing you and longing for you is all I can do,
But I wish, as I feel, you feel the same too.

Do you know how many unspoken words I wanna say,
How can I say I keep on finding the way.
Loving you and praying for you is all I can do
But I wish, as I feel, you feel the same too.

Do you know how many dreams I have in my eyes,
How can I fulfill them I keep on telling the lies.
Preaching you and caring for you is all I can do,
But I wish, as I feel, you feel the same too.

Do you know how much pain is deep in my soul,
How do I bear them and keep trying to come out of the whole,
Searching you and urging for you is all I can do
But I wish, as I feel, you feel the same too.

Do you know how much I love you,
I wanna tell but unable to do.
Missing you, loving you, searching you, what else I can do,
I wish, as I feel, you feel the same too…

Save the Tiger

a poem by

Save the glory, save the pride,
Save India’s Tigers, save the indigenous wild.
Save the unearthly beauty, save the exquisite roar,
Save the Royals by the Sunderbans’ shore.
Save those vibrant deep eyes which have seen it all,
From the Zebra, the Giraffe to the Monkey who had the greatest fall.
Save the paws which have pounced so hard,
On the Cheetah, the Bear, all smashed like cards.
Save the stripped skin that glittered in the Sun,
Save it from being perforated by the deadly gun.
Save Your Majesty as he pleads for forgiveness,
For crimes that were not his business.
Save the emperor of the Jungle,
The law of nature – let us not bungle.
From ‘endangered’ to ‘extinct’ – it won’t take much time,
All that would be left then would be a few activists’ cries and whines.
Save the mankind from this great fall!
Ponder, whether your entertainment is worth it all?

Blanket of Love

a poem by

My love for you O’ Dear is greater
Greater than the sky above and oceans beneath
My Love for you is sweeter
Sweeter than the mangoes and melody
In that love will I hold you, hold you deep.

My love for you O’ Dear is stronger
Stronger than the Hercules’ shield.
My Love for you is beautiful
Than the rain in flower-fields.
To that love will I take you, take you steep.

My Love for you O’ Dear is warmer
Warmer than your grief
So that in your cold days
My Blanket of love will cover you
Cover you to sleep.

My Love for you O’ Dear is much more
Much more than what happened to you
Or what you did,
Therefore I will trust you again
Keeping what happened underneath.

Scared about…

a poem by

Scared to love
Scared to hold
All my stories are still untold
Why’m I afraid of loving
Afraid of been broken;
It’s so easy to take my heart and throw it away
I will stay silent, numb
The only sound you will hear
Is the splashing of my tear
The shivering of my heart
Like a cracking of some craft
So beautiful, hush…
Scared to love
Scared to hold
All these stories, I’ve never told…

The Red Light Crossing

a poem by

Yes, it’s a traffic signal
A red light crossing they say
Where everyone goes
In their own way!!!

No difference… same road,
Yet we’re so much apart
“They” bear heat and severe cold
Yet we sit and wait in our AC car.

A small beggar girl, pulls my shirt…
Asking for some pennies
But alas! I could feel her pain,
Yet, I don’t give any!

A woman with a child
Says she needs food
I deny… I would not
As this will not do her
Any good!

A man showing books
A handicap selling Rose
A child selling toys
Though he himself would never
Play with those!

A boy selling balloons…
Noble thought… let’s help now
I buy six of them
Feeling so happy now.

He runs feeling thrilled
Myself also little content
For this lasts for
Only few more moments!

Alas! there’s no way
That we could help them
Bring… a permanent smile
Into their little lives
A big question comes everyday
In many of our minds!

A gesture of Virtue
A feeling of Serenity
We’ll award ourselves with
While they’ll keep on meeting us
In their clothes, torn and dusty!

Moon Flower

a poem by

Mystic is the breeze scanting lightly turning denser now
Making me fall asleep!
No! Wait I’m the little soul falling from the sky
But where am I falling onto
Unwittingly what is my denote to be there, I’m planted on earth!

Seeing myself as petty twig now, timid bud I became afraid to open
Rain from the same sky I fell from, dabbing me gentle that day
Wooing me softly with its dribs of rain
It made me embellished blossom wearing colours!

On the morrow windstorm ragged, I stood rooted though!
Blooming wholly, I was looking inspiringly covetous
One day! Hands with loving tenderness plucked me
I was being tamed, placed next to the window!

Light unveiled the canopy of staring sky
Parching are my lips, summons thirst
A kind gale swiping my hair, to glide over my face
Am I crazy! How could that be?
Speaking to myself I said

I’m the flower from the sky verily!
Feeling that I can wade no further… my petals worn out
And that is when my heart with unsoughted smile, I opened my eyes dreamt of being A FLOWER!!


a poem by

Fixed in a moment of agony
Of pain and shame and fear
Revisiting the moment
Regurgitating the vomit
Belonging to a sick soul
My body resists and recalls
To redeem myself is impossible
With breasts that’s grown fuller
With disturbed pangs of pleasure
The shame of his sin returns
Tormenting me, forcibly
Ageing skin and failing vision
Refuse to let go of the moment
Laughter clubs, yoga clinics
Myriad ways of escape
May be a hand that feels the pain
Will fight the demons away… May be?

A letter to future poets

a poem by

To future poets,
Poetry, hearing this word everyone imagines a dead art
A Poet! Hearing that this is what my son wants to become parents rush out to stop him.
They don’t want him to spoil his life by writing poems Poem!
A necessary evil that chaps have to study during schooling.
Friends, you are born in a world which thinks poetry is dead.
You will live in a world where people might state poets
as characters from past who have no place in the modern society.
Believe me everyone will think of you as an idiot,
having no work to do; wasting his time.
Now its no more about future, it has already started.
You will be persecuted for your poetry, even I was.
I was an emperor living in a royal palace; ruling over my vast empire.
Suddenly I saw a maid, most beautiful creature ever mankind has produced.
I fell in love with her, Love at first sight.
I decided to marry, everyone was stunned.
Life threatening, guilt and shame were all that I gained.
I had to forsake, forsake everything that was regarded as mine
Forsake my empire; forsake my authority; for her sake.
That prettiest of all, her name was… Poetry.
Yes, its true you will have to sacrifice,
Sacrifice your respect and your respectful life.
If my above sayings discouraged you; you are not a poet
At least a true poet,
Cause if you were, you would challenge my words with yours.
Nothing! Nothing can ever take what was yours.
Your closest will tell that poetry is a dead art and you are its coffin;
But as long as you are alive poetry is in your blood.
You have not chosen poetry, poetry has chosen you
And she will test you; to know are you worth being her bridegroom
What will be your answer?
In Poetry
Your ancestor

A Saga of Success

a poem by

Life wants you to believe,
You were born to achieve.

When your journey begins,
Don’t forget to grin,
Sooner or later you will win.

Life is not a race,
Stride ahead at your own pace.
A dash of passion on your face,
Work hard as you step up your chase,
When You grow with grace,
Excellence is what you will ace.

Your dreams reside high up in sky,
The stars shine bright as you lay by,
The almighty above wishes you to fly.

Carry your passion up your sleeve,
A saga of success is what you will weave!!