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Born as a Girl

a poem by Pink Poet

Born as a girl, my life was about to start.
Or as the circumstances say, it was about to change.

Born with the head bowed, they say;
But I stand for my dignity, my pride.

Born as a girl, I was told to be down to earth.
Or they just want me to be stuck to the ground.

Born to be bound in the boundaries, they say;
But they never knew that sky was always my point of view.

Born as a girl, hands always stretched forth to ask, they say.
But they never knew that these are the same hands that build generations.

Born as a girl, I was told to be just a ‘Girl’;
To think twice before I speak; look good for the crowd.

All they never knew was, I had galaxies in my soul.
That I can’t be held between four walls of their rules.