My Nation India under Lock-down for a Revival Society

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

India Lock-Down…
It’s a
Patriotic lock-down
Purposeful lock-down
People’s protection lock-down
Public, private lock-down
For a prosperous living lock-down

India lock-down…
It’s a
Democratic countries lock-down
Diversity duties lock-down
Daily activities lock-down
For a nature’s disaster cause lock-down

India lock-down…
It’s a
Historic lock-down
Heroic lock-down
Humble lock-down
Human lock-down
For a healthier Life lock-down

India lock-down…
It’s a
Religious lock-down
Reasonable lock-down
Revolutionary lock-down
For a nation revival lock-down

India lock-down…
India lock-down will go away down soon
India’s bad days will go away soon
Good days will be on, very soon
Let’s all pray by bowing our heads down for 21 days
For India lock-down to go away