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Inner Soul

a poem by Swarit Verma

I am not empty
I am filled from inside
There is someone living inside Me
Who is in me?

He is shy
He is a mentor
He is a guide
He is full time parent
Who scolds me for my mistake
He is a non betraying Friend
He is strict
He is friendly
He shouts but only on me
He keeps on speaking
Like a parrot
He stays in me like a tenant
He is worried whenever I do something wrong
He get sad whenever I say him no

He is the first to forgive
Even when I don’t say sorry
He gets irritated because of me
He tries to protect me from his step brother evil
He fights for me against the devil
May be, May be
Some lights year from earth
There might be a headquarters
Or a corporate sector
Where all the souls are provided with Their responsibility
To protect the human race from misery