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Be Parents Forever

a poem by Remadevi G

Afternoons are for rest in leisure
Schedules limit that luxury with care
One such holiday at happy noon fair
Doorbell rang twice fast as very rare
Annoyed a little but opened the door
A woman in her fifties, almost in tear
Her bewildered eyes looked with fear
Her face filled with unspoken prayer…

She pleaded to give some food for kids
For “two small kids waiting in hunger”
Her grandchildren, left by their parents
Her son and his wife, in their marital fight
Father walked away and missing next
Mother went to her home leaving the kids
Grandma cried “babies are my blood”
Only aim before, feed them to live…

She walked a lot to reach this place
Poor woman avoided familiar faces
Her son put great shame on her grace
How much suffering for answers to place
Consoling her, she reached the right road
There a help group of women deserved
On assurance that the kids not be starved
Her lips tried to bring a faint smile…

She had a glass of water, food a little
Sighed in relief, sat in silence a bit
Broken voice jerked out from mouth
“Morning there only steamed flour to eat,
Kid’s throats choked, they vomit it out”
She cried in grief that made all in pity
She blamed her son for all his faults
All this caused for his negligent acts…

Forums had stories of much such kind
Children in miseries for uncaring parents
Noon and evenings the picture live
Sorrows of destitute for not their reasons
Why the families so cruel to the lives
Children are born for not own choice
Youth and spouses please take care
All the babies have right to be happy
If not matured and earnest to bring up
Not be cruel to give birth in to the world
Words are not able to narrate the pain
That unwanted innocent lives to suffer!