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The Assurance

a poem by Remadevi G

One beautiful blue butterfly like a flower fresh
Danced towards scarlet buds stopped to kiss
A chameleon turned red crawled near swish
Caught the fly and moved fast behind the bush

The fly in its most thrilled moments had to vanish
Its span one month or more, the truth far away
Who can give the assurance about a point of time?
Even time doesn’t know how it is split and regulated.

It is passing without any disturbance, in rhyme
Only the lives aware of aims and actions bothered.
The goals, happiness, peace or success the end result
For this, at what extent, the processes, whom to consult
Wealth, comforts, health, power or what effect
Ultimate choice to get assured for contentment
Since nothing is permanent in this rotating planet
Who give assurances, except self state-of-mind
Find achievements assured, constant efforts bind
Finally the fulfilment fetches the kind of insight…