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The boundaries

a poem by Remadevi G

Who sets the boundaries?
Natural, in earth separating continents
Mountains, oceans, rivers and Deserts
Fixed, we learn as geography lessons.

But the boundaries made by man
Think it over again and again…
Languages various follow unknowingly
Grasp in babyhood, how it prejudicially
Purpose the same, one to one converse
All are sweet for the respective tongues

When money distances one another
Rich in luxury, poor in essentials differ
Both live the same time priceless
Time can at any hour remove the demarks
When religion draw thick boundaries
Faith drown and blind faith floats
Extreme ignorance and selfishness
Inviting chaos conflicts and distress
Forgetting, the one and only religion,
For all unrest, humanity, the solution.

Remove all the boundaries for tranquility
Planetary boundaries are still to specify