Quest for Happiness

a poem by Binita M Shah

Infinite year’s I besought for “Tranquil Happiness”
Endless quest for Security and Salvation
Soul went into Masquerades of Eternity Re-Cycles

I sought to thee – My Intimates, ally
And Familiar Strangers of Past Reincarnations
Fathomed with Endless loops of “Dire Expectations”

I Sat for Edges on Hermit Wall Intermediary to Society and Success
Where Am I? Who Am I? What Am I? What’s my Goal on Earth?
What’s Good? What’s Bad?
I lost; I won Many battles to my heart and soul

Suddenly flash of abstract light pierced on my soul; My eye’s sparkled
Enlightening my Soul with wet – footprints of “Self -Evolution”
External Search relinquished with Internal realms of Soul quest.
Alas! Happiness lies in me escorting its way to ladders of “Salvation.”