A Cadaver Happier Than Ever

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Life after a beautiful life
is more beautiful than ever;
then as a human,
whether good or bad,
I am a genuine cadaver.

Hardened in 40% formalin,
I cannot move a single part;
with embalming done all over the epidermis thin,
so my bodily tissues won’t tear apart.

MBBS students of the first year
when enter the dissection hall,
some curiously explore my delicate insides,
others watching my hardened outsides
simply faint and fall.

Mixed feelings of shock and surprise
fill the timid hearts of these nàive minds;
some keep searching for scalpels to make incisions,
others wait hopefully until one finds.

Every day a region or two
is discovered by many–
pectoral, thoracic, abdominal and pelvic;
it can be any.

When every living cell of my dead body
disintegrates to nothing,
still left with sturdy bones,
by the grace of God,
I demand promptly–
“Now study about these everything.”