Wars One and All

a poem by Christuraj Alex

War at Kurukshetra (Bharat) was great
Where human and divine face to face met
Arjuna and Pandavas won the tough war
Arrogant powers of Gauravas brunt bore
Could this be compared to Goliath-David?
Where humility and faith in God got elated
Though won and gained glories abundant
David depended on divine triumphant

Arjuna, in Kurkshetra war, knew his power
Yet pleaded the power of God to empower
God too heeded him and came to his help
Does God leave the children just to self-help?
Though the war was fought long-long ago
Implications of it make us many miles go
When we’re wearied and need God’s favor
He’s ready waiting to hold our hands ever
Amidst sufferings and shadows of pain
Decease and death and physical corruption
Hands of God is ever extended over us
His footprints guide and safely lead us

Kurukshetra war or Israel-Palestine fight
Buddhist uprising or Chinese conflict
Abyssinia or Somalia or Yugoslavia
Lebanese fights or wars of Pakistan-India
Humans should control the surging ego
Or fall will go before their pride does go
Forgetting divine power if we proceed
History will forever to involution recede…