Tom Foolery – 1

a poem by Ramesh T A

Lunatics, charlatans and fanatics play using politics or religion;
Charlatans and intellectuals manipulate the affairs of mankind;
But fate finishes everything to the surprise of all in the drama!

Merely by our physical might we cannot be hopeful of winning;
If we indulge in such thing it would only become a Tom foolery!
For, we cannot under estimate others and over estimate ourselves!

Even Ravana lost in the battle against Rama due to Tom Foolery!
Also, Duryodhana lost victory in Mahabharata due to Tom Foolery!
Not only in legend but also in history loss of victory was due to that!

For fifty years France fought to have control in Indo-China only in vain;
Then for twenty five years America fought Vietnam War only in vain!
What a Tom Foolery developed countries had with the underdeveloped!

The USA fights with modern weapons to contain communism or terrorism;
But the opponents wage protracted guerrilla warfare for their freedom!
So, Tom Foolery has become a never ending story like Tom and Jerry Series!

Like cat and mouse, wolf and goat, snake and mongoose men fight themselves
Due to politics, religion, race, caste, creed, class and colour in the world ever; so,
Big ideals contrary to humanism create clashes between individuals and nations!