Poor and War

a poem by Vanlalfaka

With her best tore clothes,
Girls walk on the road,
They roam not for fashion show,
But picking up of People’s unwanted,
To fill up their small stomach.
Rulers have no eyes and ears,
To see and hear their plea,
‘Coz they have no time,
But dancing in the tune of war.
Blooming by people’s sweet and blood,
No welfare works store in their heart,
That lead to dream of disastrous,
No matter whatever…
Coz’ dead will be fallen on the others,
As they would go to no war,
But commanding soldiers for next world.
Rulers not know the logical,
Of girls and soldiers are their survival,
After everyone goes to ghost world,
Rulers’ world would be ruined,
And they too will go all,
As there’d be no one to bloom.