My wars with…

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

I am at war,
I am at war with myself
To defeat the enemies
And make a true me.
My wars may be small,
They may start at the dawn at times and
Sometimes they may grieve me at nights, too.
Cautious I must be
Cause they may strike me any second;
It may start for a great cause, or
The cause may be insignificant, too.
Even in my prayers
They can come and disturb as stray thoughts
Some times, they may question me and
At sometimes they may answer with controversies
They may tempt me to raise the sword
For and against the devils in me,|
They may confuse and may guide me in my struggles,
Am I the only one to fight these wars,
Or, is there any one with me in the field of battle?