Working Hours

a poem by Sue Mann

When the sun came out today,
He slipped silently through the doorway.
He looked rosy after his slumber deep,
As he took first a tentative peep.

When the sun came out today,
He emerged for his usual foray
In robes shimmering, golden silk
And looked regal-dressed to kill.

Soon the sun was on his way
To begin his work, without delay.
So he took the elevator ride
Up into the open sky so wide.

Since the sun shone bright today,
He turned to silver so to spray
The world with streaming crystals,
Pouring them down, a bonny fiscal.

When the sun shone bright today,
He pointed then his golden ray
To the earth, so green might grow
To sustain the world forever and more.

Did you see the sun today
Climb up high all the way?
There he stopped to greet the noon,
Half his working hours over so soon!

As the sun moved on his way,
He expended his energy away,
So that creatures all got light,
Heat energy and of course sight.

Then the sun tired for the day
Climbed wearily down heaven’s stairway.
His largesse all but spent,
But his smile, a glow of contentment.

Did you see the sun today
As he sank on his knees to pray?
While I shine can they make hay
Creator recharge me, tomorrow’s on its way.

The sun had many things more to say.
Without me they’ll have neither night nor day.
Neither will they have the seasons,
And the moon won’t shine for occasions!

Finally, the sun had this to say.
Keep me shining forever I pray,
If I don’t begin work everyday at dawn
Your beautiful world will be all gone.