Without You

a poem by Ruchi Shrimali

Looking at your face,
Imagining you would not be mine;
I guessed I’d die.
I would walk restlessly,
And start running for miles,
Or just lie down;
I would become insane.
Perhaps I even thought,
I would kill you
For leaving me,
For cheating me;
And then… you left…
Without kissing me good bye,
Without any hint,
You Left!

And suddenly I felt lighter,
Free! free to be my own.
Free to think about myself.
I felt happy and nice and glad;
As if I was a bonded slave,
Who was just granted freedom
For the first time in life.
A dream come true.
A dream that I had never even dreamt of.
And here is a thank you note for you,
Thank you very much,
For giving me back to me,
I am happy that you left.