a poem by Abraham Oommen

Vacation in its cradle of infancy
So far hasn’t acquired any fluency
Fancying the cozy lot merriment
The thoughts spark excitement!
Plans for all and sundry activity
That would keep fun in captivity
Vacation is break from vocation
Ease from routines’ suffocation
No fun to be lazy, then go crazy
Often happens in holiday legacy
Days gallop: time at snail’s pace
Slumbering lethargy is its grace
Procrastination casts magic spell
Out of routine makes you unwell
Vacation grows to adolescence
Making itself more of non sense
Then it reaches that sinking stage
Feel a loss at heart of its wastage
Vacation brings with it no delights
A vicarious pleasure it high lights
Whim and fancy withal wit derive
Enchantment as vacations arrive