The Wild Beast

a poem by Apurva Iyengar B Y

Lost alone in the forest,
I came upon a beast
A wild animal from the west.
It stared at ‘me’ its feast.

With large fierce eyes
Bellowing, it charged at me
I smiled at it- that heavy size
Suddenly it stopped and touched me

I looked into its eyes
Which seemed to burst any moment.
I embraced,
The beast cried, astonished!
It wept away its beastly nature

Now clear and kind,
His eyes signaled submission
I beckoned, he followed
We walked back home

He lead me across the forests
I told him what he was not,
Passed him all my love…
And so did he!

My home welcomed us,
But the beast was nowhere seen!
Instead I walked into the halls
Of, living,- knowledge!
With another human being!