The sun may rise tomorrow

a poem by Pancholi Nandlal Kanjibhai

The Sun May Rise Tomorrow
In me a desert, like a sea of sands expands
A lone rider, my soul, on camel of desires
Panting and thirsty, passes, scanning with aging eyes,
The vast panorama for water.
Horizons ablaze with mirage mock at my dehydrated limbs.
Then on me falls chilling night like a blanket of snow
Darkness overpowers speed journey halts, camel bites the dust.
I lie on barren land like as only survivor of global holocaust
Eternity staring at me with million eyes of stars
Slowly chill surrounds like waters surrounding
Sinking ship drowning consciousness into
Ubiquitous desolation and death.
The sun tomorrow may rise, may mirage burn sans me.