The Big Picture

a poem by Nav Chandi

I felt the heat of a thousand Suns…
but inside I still felt cold.
I walked a million steps…
but I remained in the same place.
I yelled until I lost my voice…
no one heard a sound.
I saw many that have fallen into the depths of their own hell;
I saw many that have risen to enlightenment.

Then I noticed her beauty…
with a song that can not be replicated;
With infinite wisdom and love;
Bringing me warmth;
Elevating my spirit;
Helping me walk forward, as opposed to remaining stagnant.
She heard my yells.
She gave me strength.
Can I see her without closing my eyes?
I can.
If I could fully appreciate the picture she has painted;
If I could only appreciate the picture that she has created…
this picture called life.
If I could only do more than write mere words to express my gratitude.