Sshhh… slow down!!!

a poem by Cecelia Melba Aguiar

Faith teaches us… all things happen for a reason;
At the perfect time… destined during a particular season;
For it imparts immense learning and happens for a greater good;
Always a revelation… a hidden message… we never really understood.

Suddenly we are struck with a deadly virus… COVID 19;
Spreading eerily, rapidly, viciously… like no virus ever seen;
It leaves in its wake… destruction, torment, illness and death;
Pneumonia… lung congestion coupled with shortness of breath.

In the world of algorithms and hashtags we learnt the value of human connections;
And to be humane, simpler and kinder to environment… the solution;
What a terrible irony, those in cages are now holding us caged;
That an antidote to treat the virus is yet to be found… leaving us further enraged.

What if… this virus is actually an ally in our evolution?
Reminding and educating us… providing the solution;
That it’s time to change our ways… and deep down we all know that;
Control this greed… carnage… exploiting nature… killing habitats.

A virus cautions us that we cannot control all;
Man’s insatiable greed will lead to our downfall;
It restored calmness… faith and humility;
Bought us back to being humane… to sanity.

A virus is teaching us how to take it slow;
How to relax, take it easy and let go;
To stay resilient, prayerful and help us to learn;
To respect nature and to our humble roots to return.

A virus nudged us to spend quality time with our loved ones;
To introspect, mediate, relax… think inwards;
For Mother Earth is taking her much needed break;
She was looted, plundered and exploited… there was only this much… she could take;

Choose happiness and love… choose faith over fear;
Cherish every moment… appreciate all those you hold dear;
Stay safe, stay positive… stay blessed… stay strong;
All will be well… this too will pass along !!!