Proud Untouchable

a poem by Jayati

Evil’s ceaseless attempt to create unrest
Threats, bloodshed, whipping up chaos.
Hitting hard at social crest
Diabolical endeavour, demolish cosy nests.
Watch your footsteps, traitors and mercenaries
We are aware of your treacheries.
Your actions, aggression on our endurance
Impeding our customary existence
The one six zero million;
“Leave us alone,” in unison we tone;
Before you get wind blown.
Answer our question philanthropists
Where were you those two hundred years?
Slavery, subversion, torture, despise!
As human, now that in our free land
Carve a niche
Respect, we command
For the future with native prospects
Your repeated deceit, arrogant bombastic;
We clearly understand, can estimate.
Be careful, be warned;
We are – The Very Untouchables
God’s own children;
Practise your tricks to prevail
Forgive you God, our prayers so that He will.
And as for us; never underestimate our skills!