Poetry is a…

a poem by Sanal Kumar

Do you know poetry?
What question was that,
It is a mystery
I often batter with my heart

Well, I can say
Poetry is my heart
Like a heart it beats
With fine rhythms of life

Poetry is a mirror
Through which I see different
Shades of life

Poetry is a ship
on which
I go for cruise of life

Poetry is a book too,
I often take up to read
The meaning of life
And our existence

Poetry is a key by which
I unlock the lover’s heart

Poetry is a language through
Which I whisper to my lover’s ear.
Poetry is a party
Thrown up me often to
Celebrate the joyous moment
Of life

Poetry is liquor too
I take up often to forget
The saddest moment of life

Poetry is an instrument
By which I compose different tunes
Of life
Poetry is an instrument too
Which I listen to different
Melodies of life.

Poetry is a letter
Which I send to my friends
To congratulate their victory

Poetry is also a gift
Which I give them as a present

So my definition of poetry
Will go on and on
Which will make you bore on
But for the moment
I wanted to give you a gift
Which I request you may
Please accept
And let my search go on!