a poem by Pooja Amin

Life is a Pizza, what can I say?
With various toppings arranged in you, in no particular way.

They are all scattered within the cheese and the sauce,
Which can be compared to our mind,
that is constantly finding for a past unexpected situation,
a reason and its cause.

How about the cheese itself, which is delicious yet high in cholesterol?
It can be considered a type of relationship that begins with simplicity,
proceeds wonderfully, and ends drastically
leaving the heart with some pain once and for all.

One of the most important parts the pizza is the sauce,
located under the cheese and toppings.
Think of it as your parents,
who always try to balance you in life and prevent you from dropping.

The main part of the pizza is the dough that turns to bread when baked;
without it, pizza is impossible to make.
Just like our hands and legs which allow us to proceed
both physically and successfully in life
sometimes through hard work
or sometimes by doing good things that seem like a piece of cake.

A combination of all, results in a pizza.
This pizza can be thought of as the circle of life,
from which we learn to adjust to things
that are sometimes soft as cotton or painful like a knife.