One by one we fall

a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

Another friend,
the third one in a short time,
fell with his clogs on
and sent a shudder down my spine.
Now I can’t make up my mind
whether the world is getting small
or more alien
as my generation slips away
while I struggle to understand
life’s irascibility.
Being here
is the only thing
I’ve got of worth,
enjoy it’s moments of beauty,
changing seasons
and freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
It also has to be said
that I shudder
when thinking of tiny worms.
I’ve yet to resign
not to be here any longer.
And if you ever see a ghost
sitting in an almond tree,
not at night,
but on a fine spring day,
don’t get scared
because it will only be me
not wanting to let go of!
Marvellous life.