Just some thoughts

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

There is nothing I wish to have now
But a rebirth just to serve you alone
To be your devotee for every moment
Express devotion for the sake of devotion

I want you, to hold on to you, for the sake
I wish if I could feel you each second
May I dream you, as my dream reincarnation?
Where, I am wading through the twilight zone.

Let me thank you for holding my hand
Letting me know the warmth you share
I am pleased, resting in your serenity
Lying down in the shade of your magnanimity

I want this entire life for me in prayer
Let me breathe the air of freedom of non entity
May I remember your grace for gracing me?
Through the pastures of life and death

Yes a thousand obeisances before the alter
For wading me through the ocean of Dead Sea
Let me float infinitely in your benevolence
Smiling in your smile eternal!