a poem by Swarit Verma

In the age of being powerful
You have to have access to everything
But it is actually a phase
Until 12 you are under your parents
And what is tension is something else
But when you become 13, you start experiencing different moods of life
Stress, jealousy, pressure, attraction, raze, anger and tension
You slowly start realizing
Competition and with Competition something comes
Which is known as humiliation

Out of this something I faced today
I know what it feels like when you are embarrassed between
Your cousins family members or dear friends
I know I am not good in maths
Suddenly someone came up with some question
And panic comes on an extension
Well you will surely feel low
When you just can’t solve
Somehow someone will explain to you

In between all the game went so wrong
You will feel
What’s the reason of my existence
Well those questions definitely makes no sense

Then the game of consolation will start
Which will make you more disheartened
And there consolation will sound like a pity
That is actually mandatory to give
And you will feel like bashing the head of question man
And your face will clearly show you are tensed

Sudden or otherwise
You just can’t catch your tears
And the situation will get worse
Than you ever expect
That is known as humilation

You want to cry badly but you just can’t
And guest will leave
Well, end is still to start

That same guest will upload
All the information
On the family Twitter
With the #heislooser

The minute he left
Your parents will kick you hard
Leaving you more worse
More disheartened

Well this raze will evolve like fire
And for becoming the best
Will evolve like thirst
Become endless like desire
Its high time to shut everyone’s mouth
And let’s wait for the part 2
Without any doubt