Hole in Heaven

a poem by Christuraj Alex

This is a play composed by the certain dramatist of India
Depicting the Heaven captured by earthly power-mania
Yahweh’s three-leg-throne getting easily bombarded
And the whole heavenly communion getting annihilated

Yet, this is not the story I wish to share with you, my friend
Stories are endless and real stories find no perfect end
I am talking to you today about selecting a fitting tile
When and whenever you write a literary work vital

When on earth I find my works getting lesser or no viewers ever
Immediately a pain starts pricking me just like an office pin, severe
The theme strong; words selected; rhymes jingling, yet, really why
My works get as though dust-bins standing neglected eternally by

What you want to say is, indeed, important, and the way you say
Take time to edit and get masters’ views on what you convey
All the same, find a proper title that would correctly capture
The attention of anyone who comes across your work for sure

‘My Last Cup of Whisky’ I titled one of my counseling works
‘Who drinks whisky in a cup?’ a genuine critique questions
Cup or glass or vessel or plate or kettle or pot or pitcher rare
If you drink whisky, especially constantly, you need to take care