Free Spirit

a poem by Nav Chandi

I just know where I have been;
I don’t know where I am going;
I will travel where my thoughts take me…
wherever the wind is blowing.

A temple with a friendly face;
A deserted beach with white sands;
A sea of forgiving waters;
A loving voice with gentle hands.

To blossom like a flower;
To soar like a dove;
To hear the songs of angels…
and be emancipated by their love.

To dance with beauty;
To look into soulful eyes;
To embrace her with humility;
To encounter a smile that can hypnotize.

To hear the sound of laughter…
filling me with contentment;
To cure all that can ill a heart…
taking away any resentment.

A body that remains in one place…
with a spirit that has travelled;
All of life’s mysteries…
just waiting to be unravelled.