Emerald in Amaze

a poem by Aishwarya

As the cool breeze stirs my being,
Churning my soul into evident mirth,
At the bare beauty of the night sky,
I gaze into the expanding darkness,
Expanding and unfurling like a divine lotus,
It takes me to oblivious thoughts,
Of love, of feelings so deep,
Like a fathomless pool of elixir,
The passion winding over me,
Like a slithery snake,
Taking me beyond the beyond,
I don’t care to let go off the fetters,
They touch me like soft jasmine,
On a dry cracked body in dearth,
The experience is so elusive,
It obsesses me and sets me free,
In a cosmos of nothingness,
The feeling of immaculate love,
It envelopes me in truth,
Drawing over my existence,
A sketch of unmistakable divinity,
Then in acknowledgement,
I allow it to leave marks,
On the sands of time of my memory,
On the impressionable seas of my heart,
And it stays there forever like,
An emerald in a maze.