a poem by Meena Nanda

Things are changing rapidly
Months in years
Years in decades
and decades entering millennium.

Look at the world,
past, now and forward,
immense stillness arisen
for the unchanged
rays from sun not getting old
rain have static minds
fruits, trees and mountains
the creation of The God!!
Destruction has no patience
even for innocence.
May be by almighty
Or by man
only luminous eternal peace
in collaboration with love
justifies all.

Strength of love
and hour of death
have limitations of time
and it spares none.
Now reminding – you are alive,
How long!
Measure this length through
the scale of
mortality of happiness.
Or by
counting days and months-
Heavens are shut locked
when greatness of mind
is not a dynasty.
All that knowledge
wrapped around is
Cool Ocean of light
for everyone
The sun is not secret
so as moon, earth and stars
they are immune to changes
and attainable my artist
mystery mission.