a poem by Brough Terry R

Dancing, dancing, in the trees- they are dancing.
Twisting and turning, the leaves- they are shifting.
The cool Autumn breeze keeps them shaking and shaking.

Until one day-SNAP-they come falling and falling
Whirling and twirling, to the ground they are falling.
They fall to the ground because gravity’s calling.
The leaves begin falling to the right and to the left.
These many leaves falling causes beauty. It’s deft!
But the trees become saddened. They feel quite bereft.
And the leaves, on the ground they are found,
Looking up to the sky, nothing more to do now

But wait! Here comes a child, she can see all the leaves.
A whole plethora of leaves her eyes don’t believe.
Raking and taking, a pile she’s making.
She plays in the pile for quite a long while
It never gets boring, never losing her smile

Now the child stops. The pile provides shelter
The cold wind blows, but the leaves now protect her.
All warm and snug in the leaves at the bottom.
These are the memories I hold of each Autumn.