a poem by Sidharth Kumar

Wondering I said something that blew your mind
Oh believe me, it never was of my kind
Insouciant and casual as I have always been
Never thought I’ll be packed someday in chagrin
Sulking are now the nights and days within me
Thinking as when the last words came out in spree
Thwarting all the plans and desires you laid
Never imagined a color of me would make them fade
Longanimity and patience you showcased
Appreciate the virtues on which you are based
Moments that left you in a strand
Blame it to one part of land I stand
If only someone could read my true intention
That this heart lives with no pretension
A fault of the body and not the soul
Situations once stable then became out of my control
The truth about something I stole from you
The fact about something I never gave to you
Breaking the fellowship and commitment
Showing no flashes of improvement
If only a book was judged from its cover
So unfortunate, for nothing within to discover
For there I stand again
Holding my hands in pain
Reiterating the same words like a perpetual waterfall
To break any rising wall
Shadows asking for forgiveness, not the languished body
No evil but goodness that I wanted to embody
Surrendering the remaining “Apology” left within me
Protagonist thee!