An end – A beginning

a poem by Mahua Roy

How fortunate are we to bid adieu
To ‘that’ memorable sunset,
Waiting eagerly for the tears and smiles
The new millennium will get.

A decade! a century!;
A Millennium has passed,
Moulding the Future and
Shaping the Past.

‘India in the millennium’
Is our Future and also a Dream,
We can mould and shape this Vision
But is it as easy as it seems?

Man is so powerful today
He can do as per his desire,
He can create a beautiful world
Or can turn it to fire.

‘Our future is in our hands
Have we to protect IT or Merely destroy?
Have we to spread hatred and tears
or Fill the World with joy?’

Let’s celebrate this unforgettable beginning
With laughter and not sorrow,
Let Love and Peace prevail
For a Bright! Brighter Tomorrow!