Abstract Thoughts

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

I want to write a poem,
   without using a pen and a paper;
I want to create a rhyme
   without using words at the end sounding similar.

I want to rephrase myself
   with reality in place of imagination;
I want to choose my way of life
   with discovery and not just creation.

I want to learn more every day
   retaining the knowledge I had before;
I want to spread the same all over the world
   keeping the myths and misconceptions at bay.

I want to gaze at the heavenly wonders of the mother nature
   without disturbing its rhythm and harmony;
I want to visit every holy place on this colourful earth,
   witnessing gratefully its splendour beauty.

I want recognition for my work
   after my death and not when I’m alive;
I want to be under the open sky
   with my ‘evergreen friends’ and not in a ‘concrete hive’.