Morphous Morpheus

a poem by Famida Basheer

Was it you
that tripped upon
my solitude
and hummed a myriad
solo songs…

Was it you
that took the time
to lace each lilt
and bind within
the tendrils
of my dreams…

Was it you
that stole
my somno trances
with sidelong glances
and reamed late languor lyrics
through half shut eaves…

Was it you
that kindled
faltering flame
and groped their fading flicker
to quiet quick…

Was it you
that sold my soul
for fourteen coppers
while all around was unstated sleep…

Was it you
that grasped my misty fingers
to wade me through
cloud softs the stars
to reap

Was it you
that let my fingers go
that I should fall
and wake again to light…

Is it you again…