Immerse Yourself

a poem by Nav Chandi

Immersed in a feeling;
That gets you high;
makes you fly;
and without it, inside your may die.

A type of love no human could possibly provide;
Not a drug induced feeling…
because that feeling will subside.

This type of love only comes from above;
It touches your soul and it fits like a glove.

So, what better choice, than to plunge right in?
Immerse yourself, give in;
And let this feeling win.

Rise up with your passion;
Rise up and applaud;
Your soul has just experienced a message from God.

It makes you what you are, and it makes you much more;
Conversing with God, gives one much to explore.

This feeling elevates your spirit;
During life’s game;
Such a miraculous feeling;
That it does not need a name.