Idol of my Heart

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I created an idol in my heart.
It was an investiture by my feelings.
It adores each and every thought,
Adorning my life every way as it moves
Every day I added my thoughts to it,
clothed in subtle fabrics of mind.
My vision stretched into each cell,
Invoking with oblation of love,
ornamented every bit of her body.
Colourful shades danced with tunes.
Creating metaphors and similes I sang,
bowing my heart out in praise.
Images took her to unknown realms,
into infinity of my imaginations.
I worshipped her by chosen phrases
But she never uttered a sound.
One day I broke her into pieces
she never uttered a sound yet
In the silence of night she embraced my soul.
I succumbed merging myself into her.
She broke my identity casually.
I lost in her secrecy, melting down.
like a stream I flow ‘n’ float in magnitude.