Beyond Barriers

a poem by Suresh Kumar

The din, the noise.
The desires, the dreams,
Wandering thoughts,
Wondering mind.

The tension, the stress,
The aches, the pains,
Faster heart beats,
Strained breaths.

The illness, the illnesses,
The body, the soul,
Rest the goal,
Peace the chase.

Meditation, meditation.

The decibel downs,
Fades, and vanishes,
Ears withdraw,
No sound.

The eyes close,
Darkness spread,
Eyes do not see,
The Nothing envelops.

Running thoughts, trot,
Trotting thoughts, stop,
Muscles melt,
Soul flees the cage.

Meditation, meditation.

Dead yet alive,
Dreamy yet real,
Thoughtful but thought-less,
Neither awake nor asleep.

The transcendental ascent,
Limits to limitless,
Bondage untied,
Free even from freedom.

The time and space,
The barriers, No boundaries,
Infinite, self-realised,
Harmony, peace, TRUTH.