Shifts in comforts

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Why do you look at me so jettisoned
My lord!

I’m innocent
And ignorant too
Of all the rules and regulations
Articulated by you in quick succession

When summer Sun is starching the earth
With hot fuming shocks
I petitioned with cool breezes
To wave on us
They came on time and spread
The fragrances with jasmine wreaths

When winter winds piled up snow heaps
Making the freeways blocked and choked
I pleaded with weather deities
To raise the temperatures to new hikes
Thus drifting all snow stocks to water the drains

When autumn season decided to bare the trees
I pleased the season to fully cover the trees
With colouring feasts
To keep those attires roam round in our minds
Thus forgetting the nude stances for a while at least in shifts

When the dried grass requisitioned and harped
For sprinkles of greenery as a sigh of relief
I made hard arguments with the ringing spring
It showered all the meadows with tender sheens aloft

Never my lord I missed my destined duties
To save the humans and nature from wraths forever