Lucifer’s Simulacrum

a poem by Amikar Anand

His seed embedded deep in womb
Bares the evil forever present
Growing to a cacophony of sin
Ruling all from cradle to tomb

Marred by thee shadow he stands
Steady and dark
Razor slit pours poison on thy holy ground
Snow canopy and hungry wolves
He kisses thy ancient mark

Apple of sin killed Sodom, survived
Half eaten and rolling away
Struck the soul of his proud image
Roaring in triumph spreading wings of decay

For once was my sin
I repent everyday

Pleased with the millions that tremble with fear
Dark destinies lay scattered at his feet
Haunting lullaby fades to black
As grave diggers sleep

Blood stained snow lay silent and forlorn
Moon kissed with silver light
Waves of innocence hastens faith
To hear the death wish of the night

Blinded at birth by black claws of faith
He sways to the music of the ancient ones
Forever entombed in thy sacred mist
He killed for love killed all for one

Pain incessant throbs with fright
As medusas penance
Brings madness to the night
Thy touch severs all body binds
Chain breakers they take flight

Songs of servitude all eternity sings
Mistaken passion for enchantment divine
Total of all lives every remainder of the sum
We writhe forever in Lucifer’s Simulacrum