God’s Appeal

a poem by Godavari

Streams of blood on the street,
The crimson color of blood is paler than the rage of a beast.
And who is this beast? you may wonder,
It’s the human being – Gods biggest blunder.
A boom of a bomb, a swish of the sword and then a deafening scream
This is all it took to end a mother’s dream.

‘You kill and destroy my creation’ says God,
‘Why are you so intolerant? You are all peas of the same pod.’
You kill each other because you think, “my God is greater than yours”?
You nincompoop I am the same God in different forms.

Fight not for me, instead take care of my creation
Seek the righteous path to show your devotion.

Fight pollution, corruption, poverty and disease
Let there be happiness prosperity and peace.