Rolling Stones – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

We live in mass without gathering moss as rolling stones do;
We waste days as drifting sand unable to withstand the wind;
But our noble thoughts should not fly away as bits of paper!

Out of jealousy they make good men bad by false propaganda;
If one eye is blind they make both the eyes of others also blind;
If things of desire are not available they spoil them in others too!

Due to their sadness they cannot tolerate happiness of the society!
Neither they do duties to develop themselves nor allow others also!
Not only they spoil self but also smear off shining images of others!

They roll on as stones in the society wasting opportunities available;
No one can dream of multi-storey building without laying foundation!
Also, without complete learning one cannot command others in society!

Make-upping like a leader one cannot become a leader but an ape only!
Growing beard or big moustache one cannot become a sage or soldier!
Without good education one cannot dream of doing great in any job!

Aiming power politics unknowing knowledge of anything is abysmal!
No body wants to move with inhuman creatures in the modern world;
For, a chain of troubles springs up once the Pandora’s Box is opened!

Political rolling stones, heart, mind and soul, stand by their leaders; and
They even kill child, wife, mother and friend just to please their leaders!
Is this the way to show their support to their leaders in this modern world?