The Ideal Teacher – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

God is the ideal teacher ever;
His creations are wonders for men
And are full of variety, beauty and speciality!
God’s best creation is Nature;
And man’s best creation is Art!

Beyond his limitations man expresses himself in art;
Man becomes one with god in creative art;
Man visualised God as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
God is the creator, protector and destroyer of all;
He creates, protects and destroys for a noble cause.

Mother, father and teacher are God too,
As they are indirectly His representatives.
God teaches nothing directly to anyone;
He kindles the urge to learn from within
Through His beautiful creations of Nature!

God is very deep in and far beyond everything;
God is the cause, effect and result of everything;
To realise, discover and reach Him is man’s duty.

An ideal teacher creative and protective of good
Is also destructive of bad for the well being of all;
Protection is the principle of his philosophy in truth;
He is the example and the precept of love and truth;
Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi are such ideal teachers.

They are the friends, philosophers and guides to men;
Knowledge, wealth and power are one with them;
What they said happened and so were worshiped.