Higher than the Alps Mountains

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Army of Napoleon Bonaparte
Was so rhythmically marching
Gliding across all rough paths
Like condors to conquer the Alps

A woman aged in experience
Warns him consequences dire
For never ever in her lifetime
Had she seen anyone coming back
He, overwhelmed by love for her
Gifts her diamonds vastly valued
Tells her to spread the great story
Of Napoleon daring to come back
The army in reluctance rebels
To move ahead to such hazard
Telling them it’s a matter trivial
He enkindles their spirits to soar

Indeed, they had seen a hill
And enquired their master about it
‘Alps Mountain is great’, he said
Lo, this resembles nothing of it
They climbed it so simple and easy
And expected another expedition tough

Reaching the plains he smilingly said
The Alps has already been conquered
Relentless was Napoleon’s ways
Victory-oriented his daring deeds
His faith mingled with intelligence
Charisma combined with confidence
Motivation merged with military trust
Handled rarest of rare predicaments