Rich and Famous

a poem by Christuraj Alex

They think, like dolphins or elephants they’re so smart,
And like goats they behave rather intelligent;
They think by riches they can get everything bought,
Even the rarest of rare gems of great elegance…

I had once, by error, conceived such a concept,
Started wielding, like kings, the scepter of power;
Over the rules and laws, I could get my conquest,
Even on the state treasury, I could tower…

I walked, talked, smiled, laughed, and as a kangaroo leaped
Ate, drank, made merry, and often celebrated;
Though around my mansions the poor like large rags heaped,
I went as though nothing to be cogitated…

It’s then when once like the sun I peeped within me,
I could find vacuums with darkness flirting in;
I eat but feel no strength; my laugh has no true glee,
Like the dark clouds, glooms, within me, have made their inn…

The poor, needy, homeless – all I see so happy,
Like birds of the air and fish of the sea they flow;
It’s hence I ask me like a prodigal hippy,
Losing my simplicity how far shall I go?