Real Friend

a poem by Shah Pravinchandra Kasturchand

A friend of mine came,
And asked if I saved some;
I had saved some,
For paint of my room.

He said his connection
Notice came to cut,
If he does not pay
Telephone sure to shut.

I viewed the situation,
Deferred my painting plan;
Paid him all my savings,
His word soon to return.

A few days had passed,
I spoke to him for return;
He asked for a few days,
I said nothing in turn.

Time passed on and on,
I thought my money gone;
One day I went to his room,
The painting work was on.

I remembered Shakespeare,
Was sorry I did not learn;
“Neither a borrower, nor a lender be,
Thou loseth both, friend and money.”

Then my time further worsened,
And his times were also very bad;
He somehow learned of my situation,
Both came running and both looked sad.

“These are some ornaments,
They are of no use to us;
Sell them in the market,
And keep all that you get”

My eyes all full of tears,
How wrong was Shakespeare?
I had neither lost the money,
And found the friend friendlier.