Volcanic Eruption

a poem by Ramesh T A

Like a fountain volcano erupts out molten lava from
The bowel of the Earth through the mountain nozzles.
The blood like red lava flows out like a river from
The top of the mount down the valley to the plains
Consuming cars, houses, bridges, and cools down!

In the verses about the vagaries of life the words flow
Freely in cascade from the depths of the poet’s heart!
In the prolific critique the evils of the society such as
Corruption, violence and terrorism are exposed to all!
Likewise earth’s pent up feelings burst out in eruptions!

The lava is solidified into rocks, mountains, lands and hills;
Destroying things Nature creates only new things for man
Benefiting and helping his developments in the world life.
Destruction is for creation in Nature unlike man’s ventures
Contrary to Nature’s good, beautiful and wonderful nature!

Volcano erupts like a spiralling fire that rises high and strikes
Ten Commandments on two stone tablets for Moses to carry
Down the Mount Sinai for his masses to live in freedom ever!
Volcanic eruption is like human anger let loose for destruction
With some cause and reason known only after sometime.

The evil anger of man in the world destroys anything for bad
But the noble anger of man destroys anything for good finally!
The anger of man is more dangerous than the anger of Nature.
Sun’s explosion gave birth to beautiful and beneficial Earth
For the creation of animals and plants with man at the helm.

Only the outer cover of Earth with land and seas has cooled;
But the magma of the inner core is still a hot boiling solution
That releases out the overwhelming pressure of fire we see
Like man, animals, whales and dolphins do as sigh of relief!

Uniquely formed out of heat, ash and water of the Earth
Life still remains to be a great mystery yet to be solved!
Bubbles let out of the boiling magma from the ocean bed
Might have evolved into first life form to other species.

Due to gravitational attraction of spin and magma of Earth
All things animate and inanimate are attached to the globe;
But perhaps once the magma cools and the spin stops, there
Will be no more bubbles, species and gravitation to hold them!

So, as long as the volcanic eruption takes place here and there
The earth will actively produce and hold things by gravitation.
This is the greatest mystery of Earth and man in the Universe
That has to be analysed so as to infer the truth behind them!