The Wind of Change

a poem by Mabel Annie Chacko

I’m the wind;
I’ve seen all places;
I’ve carried many messages;
I’ve carried many emotions;
I’ve blown over cities
And over villages;
I’ve blown over oceans,
And over great seas;
I’ve blown over fields,
And over wide rivers too…
I’ve got no destination;
I go anywhere,
I go everywhere.
I climb tall trees,
And even make people freeze;
I blow their sad moments away,
And bring smile on many faces.
I’ve no friends,
I’ve no foes.
I’m not afraid of anyone,
For I’m like a ghost-
No one can see me,
They can only feel my presence.
Many people call me the wind of change,
For I am strong enough,
To change this society.
I’ve seen generations come and go.
I’ve seen them struggling,
I’ve seen them inventing.
Wherever I go,
I make people smile
And give them a new reason to,
Live and to smile.
I’m naughty,
I’m crazy.
I’m the wind,
The wind of change.