a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Smiles she in the yard at dawn, when I wake
Grants apt glee the stunning beauty of world,
Glows, akin candle that, sets rays for all sake
I, mind to hold bold stand Rose good behold.

Her, elegance crescent, spurs dreaming eyes
And, majestic dance, consoles tainted hearts,
Yearns, Queen of Flowers august Flora says
That! venture allures lore bards and pedants.

Rose! lucid, spring shades admire immortals
Men, squeeze perfumes to self-acts aesthetic,
Still! pierce pins, make garlands for mortals
God gift wanes, such sordid acts are sadistic.

I, tend to tend ‘Good Guild’ to Rose placid,
Chant! just witness that enchanting splendid.