Rain in the Summer Time – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Rain in the summer time is like seeing an oasis in the desert
After a long, long travel and travail in wilderness here!
Blinding lightning and deafening thunders of summer rain
Make their marks by electrocuting even the green trees
And killing men, who happen to touch the live broken wires.

Rain in the summer time is a rare thing to see here
But the effects are a mixture of good and bad things.
Otherwise rain is happily welcomed in the dry, hot deserts
As water is life and everything for survival and sustenance here.

Like a VIP Convoy, rain comes to the town in spite of
Excitement, anxiety and traffic always on the road;
And people rush to take shelter under the sun shades of
The shops or building balconies spell bound in joy!

Rain fallen on the high ways, barren lands and fertile fields
Stimulate the smell of the soil refreshing one and all!
Villagers, women working in the fields and playing children
Enjoy drenched in the rain water after a very long time here!

The smell of the soil comes before knowing the falling rain
Like the instinct of the ant knowing the place of sugar;
Or like the pleasant memories of the past in rain
That comes to the mind’s eye serendipitously to one and all!

Rain falling on the hill forests is fully absorbed by the soil
Rather than submerging the plains in floods destroying all;
And so the hill stations grow richer in green vegetation
Benefiting all by the summer rain, a blessing in disguise!

The smell of the soil brings thrilling mood and enthusiasm
To enjoy a while away from the rigours of the usual routine!
Continuous rain or clouds in the sky kindles the mind with
The summer holiday mood to dream about going to hill resorts!

If the monsoon sets in, it will be cloudy all the day long
And there will be rain every night with lightning and thunder!
Even in the summer season, because of good monsoon rains
Plains too become a cool and lovely place to enjoy life!